How To Maintain Your Clip In Hair Extensions

How to maintain your clip in hair extensions

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If we talk about current hairstyle trends, most girls are likely to have a love for thick and bouncy hair. Though not possible for all to have such growth, hair extensions are one such alternative that could help you reach your styling goals.
However, the maximum number of women who get clip in hair extensions are likely to face a common issue and it is clipping and blending them. Today, we have brought you a thorough guide on the use of hair extensions when you need to flaunt your hair at your friend’s wedding or maybe your workplace event. Let’s start.

The process of clip hair extensions starts with brushing your natural hair. Make sure you remove all the tangles using a good quality hairbrush to avoid any issues while using the extensions.

Once you are done with your hair, all you need to do is pick the weft with maximum clips either it is 3 or 4. Also, you should get off any tangles in the weft before clipping into your hair.

The next step which you need to take is to get a measure of the weft to find the perfect spot for clipping the extensions. However, make sure you keep your hair the way you normally comb them either middle or side partition. Once you are done brushing your hair the desired way, consider using a hair clip to hold the hair at partition.

For instance, if you keep a bigger portion of your open at the back, use a 3 clip weft and hook it into the hair either directly or into the small sections created with the use of rubber bands. Once you are done clipping, you can form another section above the extension to tie another weft for extra thickness.

When done with the bigger extensions, you could move to the side hair. This needs you to repeat a similar process where you have to separate the sections of your actual hair using the hair elastics.

Then you can start with clipping of 2 weft or 1 weft hair extensions as per your requirement to bring volume in the hair. Actually, the use of hair elastic could help in securing the grip of the clips reducing any chances of falls. When done with clipping all the weft into your hair, you could simply remove the clips holding your natural hair to cover the extensions.

Go for a good blend of the hair extensions in your hair using your fingers and you are all set to style according to your will. All the best!

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