6 Ultimate Travel Hairstyles with Superior Hair

6 ultimate travel hairstyles with superior hair

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Craving to travel the world again? Sick of quarantining? To help you prepare for your next journey and add an extra dose of style to your travel experiences, we've curated a selection of travel hairstyles that will have you looking your best. Whether you're planning an exotic getaway, a city escape, or a road trip across Australia, these travel hairstyles will ensure you're ready to make a stunning impression on your travels.

1. Half up half down

half up half down hairstyles

This is the perfect hairstyle for if you've been so busy packing, that you've accidentally forgotten to wash your hair. It's easy, it's trendy, it's comfy...what more could you ask for?!

2. Braids

Any type of braid is perfect for a lengthy plane ride. Braiding causes much less damage compared to ponytails and still looks amazing. There are so many braids to choose from to suit your braiding expertise, for example, you could go for just the standard simple yet cute braid, you could test yourself by trying out a fishtail braid or you could show off your skill and rock two Dutch braids! The options are endless!

3. Use accessories

use hair accessories

You could add a scarf which will automatically have you looking Instagram ready even if inside you’re really just wanting to get on and off the plane in the most fastest, comfortable way possible. You could even add some clips to really glam it up or just settle for 1 for a cute and easy look! 

4. High pony

high ponytail hair styles

High ponytails are one of the most common hairstyles to be done around the world. They're easy, they can be kept loose and they get your hair out of the way and sometimes that’s all you wish for. If your extensions allow you to, you could even add in a braid to your ponytail look.

5. Utilise Headbands

Headbands are super cute and super comfortable. They keep your wispies out of your face which is always very helpful! Headbands also make up for our messy hairstyles that take place when you have an early flight, especially messy buns!

6. Beachy wave

beachy wave hairstyles

If you know that you don't want to do much with your hair in advance, you can always quickly put your hair in a braid before you go to sleep, then when you wake up in the morning your hair will be looking as messy pretty as it can get with that gorgeous natural beachy wave.

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