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Our Invisi-tape in hair extensions are only available in 18" length.

These hair extensions are made using an injection bond skin weft that blend effortlessly into your natural hair making them virtually undetectable. These extensions are the closest tape in extensions solution you can find that looks 100% natural.

Our Invisi tape is made with the highest quality, premium-grade Remy hair. Double-drawn and cuticle-intact, our hair is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and the foremost products on the market. Specially treated to ensure your product stays beautiful for longer.

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Choose Your Colour:

Our extensions are made with multi-tone adapt colouring system which helps the extensions blend with your hair seamlessly even if your own hair shade is slightly different. Find your ideal colour match online with our colour matching service.

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Our experts can colour match your natural hair to a product from our range. This service is available online, so you don’t have to risk purchasing a shade that doesn’t suit you perfectly. It’s so easy to secure the ideal colour now.

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Try before you buy with a colour ring.

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Elevate Your Style with Superior Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions

The allure of voluminous, cascading locks is timeless. With tape-in hair extensions from Superior Hair Extensions, achieving that dreamy appearance is now effortlessly within reach for every woman in Australia. 

A favourite among hair enthusiasts, these extensions not only add significant length but also enhance the volume, transforming any hair type into a head-turning style. With Superior Hair Extensions at the helm, your quest for the perfect tape hair extensions finds its ultimate destination.

Explore Our Tape-In Hair Extensions and Discover The Perfect Look

Whatever style, colour, or kind of extensions you’re seeking, you’ll be sure to find what you need in the Superior Hair collection. 

Our ultra seamless tape in extensions offer style, versatility, and quality. Select the perfect colour to match with your natural hair from our extensive range. Crafted from premium-grade Remy hair, you’ll enjoy a style that looks stunning and lasts for years to come.

Or for a beautiful and natural choice, try our invisi tape skin weft extensions. With effortless application and undetectable appearance, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Eco-friendly and ethically sourced, you’ll enjoy a 100% natural look.

A Glimpse into Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions from Superior Hair Extensions stand as a beacon of innovation in the hair industry. Beyond their user-friendly application, they offer a seamless blend with natural hair, promising an undetectable, flawless finish every time. Crafted with precision and understanding, our tape hair extensions are a testament to Superior Hair Extensions' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, setting a gold standard across Australia.

The Tape Hair Extensions Australia Advantage

Australia, renowned for its fashion-forward populace, has wholeheartedly embraced the transformative power of tape hair extensions. Whether for sun-drenched escapades at Bondi Beach or a glamorous evening in Melbourne's chic locales, tape hair extensions in Australia have never looked better when they’re from Superior Hair. Ensure you remain the cynosure of every event. Trust in the mastery of Superior Hair Extensions to provide you with an unrivalled Australian standard.

Selecting the Best Tape Hair Extensions Australia

In the realm of hair, there's no room for compromise. Thus, for discerning customers aiming for the pinnacle of hair enhancement, the best tape hair extensions Australia has on offer come from Superior Hair Extensions. Meticulously designed, easy to manage, and exuding sophisticated charm, these extensions carve out their own niche. Superior Hair Extensions takes pride in leading the vanguard for quality and innovation in the industry.

Dive into Online Convenience: Buy Tape in Hair Extensions Online

In our fast-paced world, convenience reigns supreme. With Superior Hair's extensive catalogue, you can effortlessly buy tape-in hair extensions online. Not only does the digital shopping experience save you time, but it also provides access to a world of hair possibilities. Superior Hair Extensions simplifies your journey to impeccable style, ensuring an elevated beauty experience with every purchase.

Seamless Beauty with Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions

The pursuit of perfection finds its match with our seamless tape-in hair extensions. Specifically designed by Superior Hair Extensions, they promise an unparalleled blend, merging effortlessly with your natural strands. These extensions, with their impeccable finish, are a testament to Superior Hair Extensions' dedication to offering products that stand out in form, function, and elegance.

Caring for Your Tape Hair Extensions

Every exquisite product deserves meticulous care. Nurturing your tape hair extensions from Superior Hair Extensions ensures they retain their sheen and durability. Regular gentle brushing, steering clear from harsh chemicals, and opting for protective methods while styling can enhance the lifespan of your extensions. With Superior Hair Extensions' unmatched quality and your attentive care, your extensions will continue to be a stunning emblem of your unique style.